Knapp Masonry offers over 40 years of expertise in the masonry restoration field. Established in 2005 by Vern and Jennifer Knapp, our company was formally established in March 2005 in response to increasing customer demand. We specialize in providing restoration and preservation services to the tri-state region. Regardless of the project, we are experienced in filling the needs of our residential, commercial, and institutional clients.

Vern & Jennifer are partners in ownership.


 Jennifer and Vern
Founders & Owners

Jennifer and Vern established Knapp Masonry LLC in 2005 with Jennifer being majority owner.

Jennifer credits thirty plus years of experience at the University of Pennsylvania for skills learned in business administration. She is now full-time overseeing Knapp Masonry’s office, marketing, research, communications, legal documentation, financial activities, human resources, and benefits. She also assists with bidding projects, creating and generating proposals.

Vern began his career in 1980 working for a reputable masonry restoration firm. Therein he honed his talents as a craftsman, estimator, and foreman. Vern has maintained this reputation, and oversees all aspects of every project from the bid process to completion of work. He has also garnered a reputation as a trustworthy and talented representative and hands-on craftsman with renowned Philadelphia architects, engineers, and residential clients. He has maintained this integrity by providing Knapp Masonry’s customers with quality services. Vern also served as a board member for the Association for the Preservation of Technology.

Together, with our family, we’ve created a successful company with integrity and skill to professionally address the historic masonry restoration needs of our region.

Shawn O’Neil
Foreman - Supervisor

Our son, Shawn O’Neil, is a talented foreman with the company and is constantly training to improve his skillset in the areas of safety and craftsmanship.

Shawn has successfully completed some of our company’s largest, most prestigious projects such as St. Francis de Sales Dome project and St. Peter’s facade restoration project. He’s currently running Rittenhouse Plaza’s restoration in Philadelphia.

Vern Knapp III

Vern Knapp III started with the company as a masonry apprentice and has worked his way up to superintendent, overseeing our work crews and allocating manpower.

He also manages our biggest client, The University of Pennsylvania, facilitating the constant and necessary repairs that keep the university functioning.

Vern also maintains and forms business relationships bringing in business.

Kirsten Knapp
Management - Safety Compliance

Our daughter, Kirsten, is a proud veteran of the United States Army. After serving 6 years in the military, she moved back to New Jersey from the west coast and joined the company.

She oversees accounting data management with Jeramie and manages payroll, account receivables and tracks expenses. Union compliance also fall under her purview.

Kirsten is also in charge of keeping fleet vehicle documentation current as well as keeping employee safety training certifications up to date. She keeps the guys on their best behavior!

Matthew Dempler
General Manager - Supervision

Matthew is responsible for facility management and infrastructure and keeping apace with technology that can improve our processes.

He performs estimating on small to medium jobs as well as project management. He is also responsible for forming and maintaining business relationships with architects and engineers as well as long time customers and vendors.

Matthew creates all advertising and performs website updates.

Jeramie Muff
Comptroller - Chief Estimator - Supervision

As our comptroller, Jeramie is our chief accountant and oversees all aspects of the company’s finances and legal requirements.

Jeramie is also our lead estimator responsible for the entire bid process and landing our biggest jobs.

Jeramie is involved in project management and procurement of specialty or custom items as well.

Shannon Murphy

Shannon fields all phone calls as well as performing administrative work necessary to keep the office running smoothly.

She performs notary services and is tasked with document security and maintaining rental service and license lists- keeping us current and legal!

Dean Peck
Estimating - Drafting

Dean is a graduate of Drexel University and brings a high technical acumen and mechanical inclination to the table.

He excels in 3D and 2D drafting, estimating, and incorporating new technologies as they become more prevalent in the industry.

Dean helps refine our bid process and to help us run jobs more efficiently.

Our Team

We are fortunate to have recruited an array of dedicated, enthusiastic, and talented employees. In addition to working and learning under the tutelage of experienced craftsmen, they are also actively participating in training programs such as Cathedral Stone’s Jahn seminars. Our talented employees are union-affiliated and skilled journeymen and apprentices. They continue to demonstrate their loyalty and commitment to our philosophy of providing personalized and quality preservation services.